Toyota Prius Still the Leading Hybrid Car

Toyota’s Prius hybrid concept car continues to be typically well received. With its rising reputation, the Toyota Prius is changing the way customers look at the automotive industry. It appears that car manufacturers have recognized the serious issues surrounding escalating gas prices and environmental concerns, and they have chosen to introduce hybrid cars as part of the solution. Fascinatingly, the word “Prius” actually means “first” and the Toyota Prius is the first hybrid car to be manufactured for the consumer marketplace. It was initially only distributed in Japan before opening to worldwide distribution in 2001.

Supporters of green living were very energized about the possibility of the Prius saving our planet from the dangers of air pollution. Sales in North America have been robust and increasing, from the time it was first sold there. The Prius was in very high demand with an incredibly long waiting list at the end of 2006. Toyota hopes that customers will select the Prius when they look for a vehicle that can save them fuel and help keep the air clean. Nowadays, the name Prius is synonymous with the hybrid automobile and is highly respected around the world.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

No previous electric car ended up being developed in the way that the Toyota engineers thought to develop the Prius. The gas engine provides the needed power to constantly recharge the car while it is running and so it never has to be plugged in to recharge. The batteries are charged via the process of regenerative braking in which kinetic energy transforms electrical energy. With the development of unique Hybrid Synergy Drive technology, an updated, second generation Prius hybrid was released on the market in 2004. These days, the Toyota Prius is really a much better car due to significant improvements in the technology of hybrid vehicles.

Toyota, not only improved the powerplant, but gave tall people a break, by making the new car taller and wider. This allows taller folks a better view of the road, by permitting them to sit up straighter. With the public awareness, along with the success of the Prius, Toyota has brought the hybrid look to its other vehicles. Such as the Toyota Camry hybrid plus the deluxe Lexus RX400H. The exceptional engineering of the Prius has maintained it as a top choice when it comes to choosing hybrid vehicles. An increasing number of celebrities are deciding to drive a Toyota Prius hybrid car because they feel it is the best choice for the environment. For something more more sporty (and much more expensive), read up on the Porsche Boxster in our article on this site.

Toyota has undoubtedly come up with a big success in the Prius, and they most likely will have many more technological advancements in the future. There’s hope for our planet if Toyota continues their development of environmentally sound automobiles because people will no longer have any justification for not minimizing their gas consumption. The thing that is required is more awareness, and support from people.